Farhan Akhtar’s Next Is The Fakir Of Venice | Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar’s Next Is The Fakir Of Venice

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Farhan Akhtar is one among the very few directors who turned actors in Bollywood Film Industry. Farhan Akhtar is leading his career successfully as an actor. His previous flicks Rock On 2 & Lucknow Central are profitable ventures at the box-office.

Accordingly, the actor’s long ago film The Fakir of Venice is gearing up for release on January 18th 2019. Even the film certification has been done. Hence, the makers are widely promoting the film.

As the promotions are being on full swing the director of the film Anand Surapur has revealed that the financial deficit as a reason for delaying the project.But the music from AR. Rahman and the content in the film will surely attract the audience said Farhan Akhtar. Even the same is anticipated from the film producer Punit Desai and other members of the crew as well.

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