The Marathi Cinema In Rise

The Marathi Cinema In Rise



The marathi cinema is slowly raising now. As the number of films produced in recent times are very notable over there. And the hit films count in marathi cinema is also increasing by delivering promising content. Actually it’s all taking rise With the support of bollywood actors who are indulged in evolving marathi cinema.

Actors like ajay devgan and Akshay kumar started of producing films in marathi. Even the results are also very Satisfying for the makers, so Ajay devgan openly made a strong statement that marathi cinema is much better than bollywood. As the marathi audience are not following any trends they are much closer to indian literature and traditions and films made with heart and soul can be connected easily to marathi audience. But what largely we are doing in hindi films here, we are just adapting english culture and following their trends. Supportinging to ajay devgan even star actor akshay kumar has made few statements that marathi films are much bolder than our hindi films.

Akshay says that bold contents are said with more pure love and complexity in marathi films which we lack in our hindi films. Even the star actor stated that he wanted to remake few marathi films in hindi as well. Recently abhishek bachan has also expressed his positive signs for acting in marathi films. And even actors like ajay devgan and akshay kumar are interested to act in marathi films if strong scripts are found.

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