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Japan struck by powerful earthquake

  • Japan was struck by a powerful earthquake this morning disputing the nuclear power plant briefly thus generating tsunami of over 1 meter in the region.
  • The quake of 7.4 magnitude hit northeastern Japan at 5.59 AM on Tuesday morning and the Meteorological Agency believe it to be an aftershock of the March 2011 earthquake.
  • Since July 2014, this the first quake with a magnitude of 7 to have hit Japan. The Meteorological Agency issued a warning that more quakes are to follow around this week.
  • Residents in coastal areas have been instructed to evacuate and schools have cancelled classes. More than 3,000 people have been moved to evacuation centers in Fukushima.
  • According to the local broadcaster NHK, 12 people have suffered injuries due to the quake in Fukushima, Chiba, Tokyo and Miyagi. The government’s spokesperson informed in a news conference in Tokyo that there has been no increase in the temperature of the fuel nor there will be a radiation leak.
  • Other nuclear plants in northeastern Japan and Fukushima have observed any abnormalities. The agency informed that all the tsunami warnings were lifted off at 12.50 PM. Television footage showed tsunami waves flowing up rivers in some areas while ships were moved out to sea from harbors with the fishing boats getting overturned in the port of Higashi-Matsuyashima.
  • Rail and flight services were disrupted while bullet trains were halted temporarily. SDF fighter aircraft and choppers were monitoring the quake-hit regions to check for damage.
  • Prime Minister Shinzo Abe informed in a news conference that the damage caused by the quake would be assessed and the public would be informed of it.
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