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Nepotism In Indian Cinema

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Nepotism is very common in the present modern society and its influence is also to a long extent in almost every profession in India. Especially in Indian Cinema where Nepotism is currently showing its wave very clearly. Starting from Bollywood Film Industry which is well known as India’s Biggest Film Industry and Nepotism seems to be very common from past few generations. Even from recent times the influence of Nepotism is being a new marketing strategy by launching the star kids and that news may bring buzz around the project.

Nepotism is also extended to Tollywood Film Industry and the other South Film Industries as well. But in recent times it’s all about Telugu Film Industry were many star kids and their favourites have joined the same league. Even the same process is getting materialized stating it’s a richmen’s field. Somehow the young talent from outside world is always getting its recognition for breaking the barrier of Nepotism which is a hard path to come over and succeed. But the journey is so risky & experimental for a normal personality to dream something big in life and walk on the same path.

Hence, creative fields are not among the wide choices of young generation. This phenomenon is not only in Cinema Field but its influence is very high in other different professions as well. And its very well known in Film Industries because the glamour field holds huge scope in society & has great limelight compared to other. Therefore, Nepotism has its disadvantages and we must also consider the advantages for the well being of Producers and Distributors in the Industry. Accordingly the real passion and the true talent will always have its recognition everywhere but the rest lies on different formulas & dependent on various factors.

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