Bihaan enquires about a woman to Kabir | Bollywood

Bihaan enquires about a woman to Kabir


Bihaan enquires about a woman to Kabir

The episode starts with Kabir telling Bihaan that Vani is not Thapki and she is his future wife and says women is not a lifeless thing who can be accepted by someone at any time. Thapki comes and says well said. Thapki thanks, Kabir and apologizes to him as Bihaan was threatening him.

Vasu calls Suman and Preethi and asks them to give servant’s clothes to Shraddha so that she doesn’t forget the value in the house. Suman and Preethi get happy and think to take revenge on Shraddha. They come to Shraddha and give her servant clothes asking her not to touch costly jewelry.

Bihaan searches something in Kabir’s room. Bihaan shows a woman’s picture and asks him who is she and asks him, to tell the truth. Bihaan says the girl in the photo is his wife or lover with whom he has spent a night. Kabir says the woman is my sister.

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