My sister convinced to play me a GAY charecter: Saquib

my-sister-convinced-to-play-me-a-gay-charecter-saquibMy sister convinced to play me a GAY charecter: Saquib

Zee tv’s Most Popular television show ‘Yaaron ki Baraat‘ hosted by Ritesh Deshmukh and Sajid khan. The show revealed their weekend guests today with a promo starring the brother and sister Huma Qureshi and Saquib Saleem who are now living in Mumbai.

  • Saquib shares that they had a very good relationship and they would share everything with each other and asks for the others suggestions. Actually Qureshi is the one who influenced me to do the gay charecter in the film Bombay Talkies. Saquib added that he loved the script to the core, but he had some little limitations so he said no the kiss scene with Randeep Hooda, But Qureshi motivated me, “as we are actors and this is our profession and we need to do anything which the charecter needs, don’t think of about what the society thinks, just do your duty” i just followed this mantra and did my charecter how the director wants it. And you know the result.
  • And talking about the Saquib‘s relation ship status and his flirty nature with her friends she added that he was a great flirter and used to flirt with all my friends. But how come he not be in to any relationship now is the million dollar question added Qureshi.

Yaaron ki Baraat airs on Saturday December 3 at 8 pm, on Zee TV.

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