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Thapki Pyaar Ki in Colors TV

thapki-pyaar-ki-in-colors-tvThapki Pyaar Ki in Colors TV

The episode starts with Kosi thinking Vani is ruining her life. Shraddha talks to someone and fixes an appointment, says she is coming. Kabir asks where you are going with black face and wonders what is happening in the house. Thapki thinks about Kabir proposing her and gets tensed. Kabir comes and asks Thapki if she was thinking about him and asks her to thank him for the ring.

  • Thapki thanks him for supporting her in the drama and asks if he remembers the two conditions. Thapki says even I have a condition and tells that this was just an act and says she loved only Bihaan and will never love anybody else.
  • Dhruv asks Aditi to understand Bihaan’s condition. Bihaan recalls Thapki calling his name and stammering. Meanwhile Aditi drinks juice and feels drowsy. She is about to faint and sees Bihaan coming.
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