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Thapki Reveals the Secret to her Family

thapki-reveals-the-secret-to-her-familyThapki Reveals the Secret to her Family

The episode starts with Thapki and tells the family that she makes herself as Vani to get revenge from Bihaan, but she didn’t do as she loves Bihaan a lot. She says I lost my child and the entire family members are crying for Thapki as she had lost her baby. Thapki removed the fake teeth and glass and says that she is Thapki where everyone was shocked.

Thapki tries to find Bihaan and asks a stranger whether he saw anyone walking this way. The man says he saw a man walking through the place and Thapki rushes and sees Bihaan crying and hitting his hand till blood comes and injured himself.

Bihaan says after I lose our child aren’t you mad at me and don’t hate me. She hugs him and says I will never hate you Bihaan.

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