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Kevin Hart’s Hilarious Video

Kevin Hart still has a sense of humor about his previous indiscretions — and apparently so does his wife, Eniko Parrish.

The comedian released a hilarious Youtube video Thursday where five versions of Kevin — the author, the mogul, the athlete, the actor and the real Kevin — hop on a plane to head out on his “Irresponsible Tour.” The Kevins discuss how real Kevin is late and then that’s when things get really good.

Once real Kevin shows up, all the Kevin characters tell real Kevin that he “wreaks of late night activity,” which seems to be a nod to his cheating scandal that made headlines in late 2017.

Real Kevin explains to fake Kevins that if they don’t shut up, he’s going to make them fly commercial because — “he’s the boss.” Then his wife, Eniko, shows up to explain who is REALLY the boss.

“I’m going on tour with you. Ain’t going to be no more stupid s—t,” Eniko says. “Take the bag and go get the baby!”

Kevin and Eniko just had a baby name Kenzo — so it looks like the whole family is headed out on his “Irresponsible Tour.” At the end of the video, Kevin lets fans know they can grab tickets to his tour, which just added 100 new dates across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia.

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