Sam Mendes To Direct World War One ‘1917’ | Sam Mendes

Sam Mendes To Direct World War One ‘1917’

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Sam Mendes is one among very few film directors who have a master class approach in filming the fast pace action thrillers. Even they are films like Road To Perdition, Sky fall and Specter which resemble his trademark quality of making action flicks.

Accordingly, Sam Mendes has announced his next project that would be around the consequences of world war — 1. The film would commence from the world war –1 happenings in 1917. Therefore, the whole world war drama would be highlighted in the magnum opus attempt. The casting includes versatile actors like George MacKay & Dean Charles Chapman. While Neal Street Productions will also partner with Sam Mendes for bankrolling the project in a large scale.

Hoping that Sam Mendes and team will surely make an epic film which could be the pride of Hollywood Film Industry.

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