Destination wedding Movie Review | Destination wedding

Destination wedding Movie Review

  • Producer : Cassian Elwes, Elizabeth Dell, Robert Jones
  • Staring : Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Dj Dallenbach
  • Director : Victor Levin
  • Music Director : William Ross
  • Cinematography : Giorgio Scali
  • Story : Victor Levin
  • Screenplay : Victor Levin

Destination wedding is a modern romantic comedy entertainer which sticks to its basic story line and tries hard to entertain the audience.

STORY: Destination Wedding is a tiresome attempt by director Victor Levin. The story structure lies within the framework of the borderline and has freshness in its characters and dialogues. Frank (Keanu Reeves) & Lindsay (Winona Ryder) are the two disgusting people who meet each other on their way to attend a wedding ceremony and begin a relationship of their own. The circumstances and the consequences are side tracked in the film. The conflicts are improper and the plot narration was just very slow even vexing in nature. Since the film relies heavily on the crutch of these two characters and their internal bickering, it can be argued that Destination Wedding looks like a play as it is rare, or rather unheard of, that two disreputable characters make for an engaging relationship. Their ability to solve out all their insults at each other with understanding and the other sense of purpose create a verbal diarrhea. This Destination Wedding will reflect a strange destination to go ahead in life.

Generally in any kind of Rom-Com’s the other Film Crafts like Music, Editing and Cinematography play a major role. William Ross gentle & zephyr background score runs patiently against the heated disputes. Giorgio Scali’s cinematography gives fresh breathing space to the vast spreads of the film, especially the setting of the Destination Wedding is the best part of the film. And Matt Maddox’s editing blends the two in such a way that they make the two principal characters look like unnecessarily disrespectful in this beautiful world.


Production values.

Lead performances.


Weak script.

Bottom line: A failure attempt but a watchable flick for some good elements in the film. Disappointing film as the content is so flat and slow.


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