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Forbes says that India is the most corrupt country in Asia

The surveys conducted by the Transparency International (TI) which is an anti corruption global civil society organisation, all over the Asia covering 16 countries interacting with 20,000 individuals made India stand in the first place in the most corrupted countries. TI took the survey for 18 months.

A similar article from the Forbes confirms the same listing the top five corrupted countries of Asia to be India, Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan and Myanmar.

The results were quite shocking because the present agenda of the government of our Prime Minister, Narendra modi primarily focuses to free the country from corruption and the results are in the opposite direction.

From some other reports of a Berlin based similar organization, India stands in 76th place out of the 168 countries in its list but those were the statistics from the past year.

From the reports of Forbes, the summary speaks that most of the schools, hospitals, cops, ID documents, basic utility services too does their job only if they were paid in terms of bribes; the summary says every five out of six public services.

The Forbes rate India with 69% bribery rate followed by Vietnam with 65%, whereas Paksitan stands with 40%. Among the countries surrounding India, China is the one that seems to be the one having a considerably low bribery rate, because from the statistics of March 2017, the police bribery rate in India was 54% and in China it was 12%. India also presents a 58% bribery rate in public schools and 59% for health care.

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