Fort Minor - Welcome [360 Versions]: Review

Fort Minor – Welcome [360 Versions]: Review

  • Producer : The Uprising Creative
  • Director : Jeff Nicholas
  • Music Director : Mike Shinoda

After 10 years, Fort Minor is back with a new video and song, “Welcome.” It’s now all “Shinoda”.

If Facebook likes mean the world to you, then Mike Shinoda is the second biggest rapper in the world, behind only Eminem, thanks to Linkin Park’s 63 million likes.

Talking about the new song of FORT MINOR then it is titled as WELCOME. Fort Minor has released a video and it has got very big response, as all the Fort Minor fans were waiting since 10 years.

Talking about the video, then it features him on the sunny shores of Venice Beach painting a large mural of different people and shapes. Many pieces of the Linkin Park puzzle fit right in with the power of technology and the changes it has created in pop culture. Hybrid Theory arrived after the dot-com boom, signalling the world’s complete acceptance of the computer in our lives, and its textures reflected that.

“Welcome” is an exploration of the ways art intersects with virtuality, asking how we’ll see art and people in a 3D world. What becomes of design’s power when you can move it in space? It’s also a call to the disenfranchised or people who feel alone.

“Welcome” is lyrically a welcome for those who feel like they don’t fit in or aren’t accepted. Maybe it’s for the ones who haven’t had a chance to say “fuck ‘em” enough.

Fort Minor is the story of one of the most prominent Japanese-American musicians giving a voice and representation for those without it. It’s the story of a kid listening to hip-hop his entire life, playing in a supernatural force of a band, and then navigating the musical landscape of being a rapper.

The  song basically relates to the “Fort Minor Fans”. It explains as they were left behind and let down. It is a welcome for those who feel like they don’t fit in or aren’t accepted.

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