'Love me like you do' review

‘Love me like you do’ review

The Fifty Shades of Grey trend is about to revitalize as the movie hits theaters in February. As for the album, Ellie Goulding has been added. “Love Me Like You Do” is a attractive song about the understandable love, but the melody actually amps up what could easily be a common ballad.We can always be recognizable with the 27 year-old songstress’ voice, and this song was not unlike. I love the rapines while she reaches soaring annotations and it works very well with this song. The approach in which she sings the verses does strike a chord of Sara Bareilles‘, “Brave.”
Lyrically, the song is not intricate and like the modus operandi to other love songs, Ellie compares her love to what is around her. The prescription is to; of course, use as many descriptions that will portray just how great that love is. Ellie compares this love to day, satellites, night, pain, and heaven. All sensible things of love and not anything out the normal, but lyrically, it just works.
Whereas we love her wordplay “I can’t get over the hook”. For me, that’s what actually completes the song. As the music more and more got louder during that part, it was like a choral group of “love me like you do” which became catching. Recurrence in songs could get aggravating, but it tends to work and becomes memorable to the listener. “I’ve gotten attached to the hook, and after playing the song a dozen times”, I can’t help other than to croon along.
The single is now accessible to buy on iTunes. The soundtrack will be released on February 10th and will have sixteen tracks and attribute a diversity of artists as well as: Beyoncé, Skylar Grey, Frank Sinatra, Sia, and The Weeknd.
We would love to listen more songs like this from Elie on her future album and take notes to 2013’s, Halcyon. Last year, as she performed at The Royal Variety concert, she confirms that an album was coming this year. We can’t wait to hear her; We have enjoyed her previous two and we are interested in what she’ll title it.

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