OMI’s Cheerleader Remix Review

  • Producer : OMI and C. Dillon
  • Staring : OMI
  • Director : M. Bradford and R. Dillon
  • Music Director : OMI

“Cheerleader” is a reggae fusion song, recorded by Jamaican singer OMI. The song seemed to stand apart from the rest of the pop pack in its chilled out vibe, as when you experienced a eureka moment—a jamming of contexts which lets you know the contextual popularity behind this song, indeed, the reason from its overseas push (it has been a hit in Europe for some time before it surfaced): for the past few months.

OMI’s “Cheerleader,” will turn your fresh ears tuned to Deep House, and the song actually makes you feel the work of that sub-genre at play within the remix, albeit hiding in plain sight: the minimalism, the rounder bass lines, the laid back hit of each downbeat, the climax subtly indicated—if it’s even arrived at—the sultry trumpet counterpoints, the vocals about faithfulness over promiscuity, and the use of a recognizable, unadorned instrument (piano, said trumpet) in an electronic, dance context.

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