Actors who were teachers too - Teachers Day Special

Actors who were teachers too – Teachers Day Special

No matter how smart the actors are, they were all students to some teachers at one point or the other. Today being Teacher’s day, let’s look at some actors who were not only students but actually are teachers at a point of time in their lives.
September 5 is considered as teacher’s day, remembering the birthday of Sarvepalli Radhakrishna, who was one of the best teachers in not only India but also the whole world. Teacher’s day mostly focuses on remembering the most acclaimed teachers, who pioneered either new ways in educating the students or teachers whose selfless efforts made their students excel in tough fields. Today let’s look at some teachers who might not be as genius as Albert Einstein, not as wise as Ravindranath Tagore, not as intelligent as Issac Newton, but who were actors and at the same time intense and dedicated teachers at some point of their life.

1. Akshay Kumar
akshay kumar teacher

The action hero of the B-town, Akshay Kumar is a teacher at a point in his life. The actor who was acclaimed for his action sequences and real time stunts in his films taught a lot of his students such similar things long before he started his career. He used to be a martial arts teacher in Mumbai, which he mentioned in a lot of interviews.

2. Nandita Das

After finishing her master’s degree in Delhi, the legendary actress who is often remembered for her powerful performances used to teach in a school for a long time. Apart from her teaching skills and acting skills, Das is also a director which is a nearly close field to teaching.

3. Hugh Jackman

The terrific actor, who is often remembered for his iconic role of Wolverine from the X-men series, is also a teacher before hitting the film industry. He used to be a physical education teacher in 1987. From seeing his taut and tensile body, we can imagine how well he should have performed his role as a teacher then. Once he received his old student at a red carpet event.

4. Sylvester Stallone

The Rambo of Hollywood, who have been remembered for his terrific and stand alone roles in his serial films such as First Blood and Rocky, used to be a gym teacher at American college of Switzerland.

5. Sting

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner who is recognized as Sting is a teacher too. The multi talented musician, singer, songwriter and actor used to teach at St. Paul’s First school in England. The Grammy award winner even used to attend the Northern Counties Teacher’s Training college prior to teaching at school.

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