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Priyanka Chopra wants the whole WORLD

priyanka-chopra-wants-the-whole-world-slidePriyanka Chopra wants the whole WORLD

Actress Priyanka Chopra literally wants to conquer the entire World. Despite juggling between two continents, Priyanka now aims to work around the world.

  • During her appearance on talk show, The View, Priyanka said, “I’m still doing it (Bollywood). Two continents. I’m not okay with just one country. I want the world.”
  • The actress also revealed that it was hard to decide to be away from India and work in India, “Leaving my country and coming to completely different country, that’s always difficult. I’m alone, my family is not here, my friends are not here, though my cast always tries to make me feel really comfortable whenever, we have Diwali or any of our holidays. They always try and make it really festive for me.”
  • Priyanka continued, “Their hair and make-up trailer is decorated, because everyone knows I am away from home. But that was hard and television is a huge commitment. So, you know leaving your country, coming here, I wasn’t sure.”
  • On her Hollywood debut with Baywatch alongside Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, Priyanka said, “It was massive in India. I think more than David Hasselhof, everyone knew who Pamela Anderson was. Definitely did! And the show, people loved watching the show. I guess it was the representation of the great American dream at that time. It was in the 1980s or the 1990s.”
  • She further said, “I don’t think people around the world ever put it down. I find it amazing, ever since I have been talking about ‘Baywatch’ in America, people have been like ‘It’s cheesy, whatever’. But around the world people love that show, I actually really liked it. I watch reruns.”
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