Amala Paul On Her Failed Marriage And Career

Amala Paul On Her Failed Marriage And Career

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Malyalam actress Amala Paul, who rose to prominence after Tamil film ‘Myna’, is now taking up only those characters that have some scope for performance. She acted in glamour roles in all the South Indian movies.

After a long lull, Amala Paul is now making news not for her career but for her second marriage. As the saying goes ‘Once bitten, twice shy’, the dusky and attractive Mallu actress is leaving the decision on her second marriage to her parents as she confesses that she took a wrong decision the first time. This time she wants to play it safe and leave marriage decision to her parents.Speaking on her first marriage, Amala said she fell in love and got married to a director but they soon parted their ways.

Speaking on her career, Amala said she is at present concentrating more on her career and fitness. There is a clear variation in her story selection after divorce. She confessed that she lost an opportunity in a big Telugu project recently and it was because of her mistake as well. At present, Amala is having a bunch of Malayalam and Tamil projects in her hand.

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