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The Trio Combo Is a Sensation

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The tri combo of Mani Ratnam, AR rahman & Vairamuthu is a sensation. This combination reaches 26 years for their Successful journey in tamil cinema. Mani ratnam has a film director, AR rahman has a music director & vairamuthu has a lyricist have delivered wonders in thier crafts collaboratively for every film they worked together in their careers.

Vairamuthu an ace lyricist in tamil cinema has Shared his experiences of 26 years journey with mani ratnam and ar rahman on a Promotional interview for their upcoming film in their combo and the film is titled as cheeka cheventa vannam.

Vairamuthu says that it was not just a 26 years Journey but evenmore an emotional bond with Mani and rahman. And we also admit that we may work with other technicians sometimes due to the concern factors of the situations but the feel and victory is more bigger and sweeter When i, mani & rahman work together.

Even vairamuthu spoke about the reason Which is making them to work from 26 years together. As mani ratnam is keenly observing lifes for better content stories even AR rahman is always updating himself with all the latest developments in music. i always enhance my language with world literature. We haven’t got stagnated in our respective fields and that’s what is making us to work collaboratively for years together. They are even few creative differences sometimes but we analyze plots for what we got struck actually, work on them and then we move on.

The lyricist stated that it’s a god gifted journey. even there is nothing else to speak about his long journey with mani ratnam and rahman as it is very pure and true from the heart. Finally the ace lyricist expressed that the next flick in thier combo is all about a man who started fighting for all the Wealth, power and fame and everything around the man is restless. It is the Soul point of the content in the film and we are So confident on our success once again.

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