2.0 Movie Review | Rajni Kanth,Akshay Kumar,Shankar,Amy Jakson

2.0 Movie Review

  • Producer : A. Subaskaran
  • Staring : Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Sudhanshu Pandey, Adil Hussain, Kalabhavan Shajohn etc
  • Director : Shankar
  • Music Director : A R Rahman
  • Cinematography : Nirav Shah
  • Story : Shankar S and Jayamohan
  • Screenplay : Shankar

Movie: 2.0

Banner: Lyca Production

Released on: November 29, 2018

Shankar and superstar Rajinikanth’s ’2.0′ is India’s mega budgeted movie (approx. Rs 600 crore). This is a sequel to Rajini’s previous movie titled ‘Robo’ or ‘Enthiran’. ‘2.0’ released today worldwide across 10,000 screens. Early updates reveal that the audience of the movie was awestruck by the VFX of the Rajini starrer.

Story: The story starts in Chennai, where all of a sudden mobile phones fly out from the hands of all the people. The state government discusses the ways and means to understand and contain the strange phenomenon. During the discussions, Rajinikanth (Scientist Vaseekaran) submits a proposal to the government to reboot robot Chitti that was dismantled earlier. Vaseekaran realises that a 5th force is behind the current phenomenon. Meanwhile, the rebooted Chitti attempts to halt Akshay Kumar (Pakshi Raja) for causing the mayhem. As the film progresses, it is disclosed that Akshay is in fact trying to completely stop the radiation emanating from the cell phone towers, which are causing the deaths of birds. Akshay takes a vow to pluck out all the mobile phones on the face of the earth. How Chitti succeeds in stopping Akshay is the story of ‘2.0’.

Performances: Rajini as Chitti the Robot entertains during the final stages of the movie though Rajini as Vaseekaran is highly passive. Rajini’s trademark mannerisms or punch dialogues are again missing.Akshay got a superb role as the antagonist and his Pakshi Raja avatar is terrific, but he does not get much screen time.Amy Jackson is screen as the female robot and she is good and there is no romantic thread or songs in the movie.

Technology: ‘2.0’ was shot on a Rs 600 crore budget. Most of it was spent on graphical work that was done by Hollywood companies and as such the visual effects are top notch. The last 20 minutes of the movie showcases the graphics in the stadium fight and that is on par with Hollywood films. Thanks to the visual effects and Nirav Shah’s camera work the film is excellent. The sound mixing is top notch.There are no songs in the film, except for the background song. Surprisingly AR Rahman’s background score is just about adequate. Production design (art work) is outstanding and editing is neat.In spite of the spectacular visual effects, Rajinikanth’s charisma, Akshay Kumar and Shankar’s direction the key drawback of the movie is a weak story line.Interestingly, Shankar tried to spread a relevant message in “2.0” and that is the vanishing of the sparrows. Sparrows and other birds are vanishing due to radiation emanating from the cell phone towers. Environmentalists have been fighting for this cause for some time now. The director tried to wave a story around this topic in a sci-fi format.The first half of the film focuses on disappearance of cell phones and the mayhem thereafter and then the introduction of scientist Vaseegaran and just before the interval Chitti (robot) comes comes with a bang. The first half is riveting. Post-interval, the film tells the story of a professor of ornithology (Akshay Kumar) who becomes Pakshi Raja. The narrative is typical Shankar’s style. The final portions of the movie are entertaining with Chitti and Pakshi Raja fighting. At the end, Rajini entering the scene as mini bot, 3.0.

‘2.0’ cannot be compared with any film made in the past as it is unique and raises the bar a bit higher for films in the future.

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