Kaala Music Review

Kaala Music Review

  • Producer : Dhanush
  • Staring : Rajinikanth,Nana Patekar ,Huma Qureshi,Eashwari Rao
  • Director : Pa. Ranjith
  • Music Director : Santhosh Narayanan
  • Cinematography : Murali G

Well,this might seem a bit redundant after the teaser release, but we couldn’t stop ourselves from getting amped up listening to the ‘Kaala’ teaser theme. And as simple as that, we love it. Though Santhosh has given us something similar like his earlier outing in ‘Kabali’ with electric guitar reams and zaps, Yogi B adds his zest in the second half. Those vocal grunts, drum rhythms, that beat pattern, and the rise in verve as Rajini ends his singular dialogue adds up to an electronic mass. Fingers crossed for the album!

 Voices: Hariharasudhan, Santhosh Narayanan,  Arunraja Kamaraj,  Dope Daddy, Stony Psyko,  MC Mawali, Dopeadelicz

Lyrics: Arunraja Kamaraj,  Dopeadelicz

Composer: Santhosh Narayanan

Well,  the wait for ‘Kaala’  music seems to be over.  Not entirely,  but Semma Weightu is a tease that is worth the wait. Just look at the ensemble voices behind the song, the title seems a justified ode to Rajini.  What has Santhosh achieved in this energy pulsing track is giving mass and class to a jazz/pop flavored number.  We hear a little of beatbox as well(?) Really, Santhosh as a composer has never been shy to add variety, and Semma Weightu seems to just have that albeit an initial lingering of jumbled confusion over the song’s structure.

From the start the song casually builds mass,  no hurries here. And it works. We’ve seen this type of score in ‘Kabali’ Neruppu Da,  but here Santhosh is not relying on spewing mass blindly. It’s controlled and possesses a natural rhythm to it as well.  From guitar zaps,  percussions,  to rap portions everything deserves its portions. Arunraja’s lines seems to work well with the tone of the song and we understand the effort behind the composition. The track ends with a gunshot,  like a point made.  Truly,  it’s ‘Semma Weightu’ only.


30.5 mb