Vinay Forrt in ‘God Say’

Vinay Forrt in ‘God Say’

Vinay Forrt plays the lead role in a forthcoming movie titled ‘God Say’….

‘God Say’, which is directed by Sheri Govindan and Shyju Govind, has Vinay Forrt donning the lead role. The film, reportedly a dark comedy, has Mythili as the lead lady. The film, based on a short story titled ‘Gandhimargam’, would have Vinay playing an interesting character named Harischandran. Harischandran is an alumnus of the School of Drama; as a radio announcer, he has to host a programme on Gandhian values etc. The whole experience changes life for him…Mythili plays an interesting role too, that of Magdalena Gomez, a stage artist. Also in a key role if Joy Mathew, who appears as the director of the radio station.

For Vinay Forrt, this role might prove to be another turning point in his acting career. The young actor who made his debut with ‘Ritu’, has already made a mark with his performances in films like ‘Shutter’, ‘Theevram’, ‘7th Day’ etc. And recently, with his performance in ‘Premam’ as the lecturer who teaches Java in the funniest of manners, Vinay Forrt has gone real popular.

Vinay also has some other interesting films coming up…

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