Aadhi Review

  • Producer : Antony Perumbavoor
  • Staring : Pranav Mohanlal
  • Director : Jeethu Joseph
  • Music Director : Anil Johnson
  • Story : Jeethu Joseph
Director Jeethu Joseph, who had earlier directed the blockbuster Drishyam with Mohanlal in the lead, is launching Pranav Mohanlal as the hero in Aadhi.
Aaditya Mohan aka Aadhi (Pranav Mohanlal) is a musician, who dreams of making it big in films. His doting parents, Mohan (Sidhique) and Rosy (Lena), are supportive but they are concerned as well, as his interest is limited to music and the training discipline, “Parkour”.
He goes to a farmhouse in Bengaluru driving a swanky Rolls Royce Ghost, which belongs to his dad’s friend. After reaching there he heads to a pub, where he meets his former classmate, Anjana (Aditi Ravi). She is there with her boss Arjun Reddy, the son of a wealthy banker named Narayan Reddy (Jagapathi Babu), and a relative, who is also her colleague, Jayakrishnan (Siju Wilson).
She cheers Aadhi when he sings a song there and that makes her friends jealous. A fight ensues and this begins a series of incidents that changes Aadhi’s life from then on.
It’s a rather simple storyline and Jeethu Joseph has evidently tried to keep the viewers engaged using a fast paced presentation, with dramatic incidents happening one after the other. Parkour has been used to make the action more spectacular and that has worked quite well. There are some loose ends in the plot for sure but it is to the credit of the director that he packages the film in a competent manner.
In a role that demands tremendous acrobatic skills, Pranav Mohanlal makes a confident debut as a hero and in the end make the viewers feel that the character has been tailor made for him. He performs in a dedicated way and is a delight to watch as he unleashes his amazing athletic prowess.
Among the rest of the cast, Jagapathi Babu, Sharafudheen, Sidhique, Anusree and Meghnathan comes up with impressive performances.
Aadhi is an entertaining journey of a youth, who gives you some edge of the seat moments with his action skills. Get a box of popcorn and enjoy this entry of another young hero, straight into the big league.
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