Anoop Menon’s ‘Kanal’ days….

Anoop Menon’s ‘Kanal’ days….

Anoop Menon should be real happy these days; he plays in director M Padmakumar’s ‘Kanal’ a role that’s reportedly as important as the role played by the hero, Mohanlal. This of course is not the first time that Anoop Menon is acting with Mohanlal. He was there in the Mohanlal-starrer ‘Rock n’ Roll’, he played Mohanlal’s son in ‘Pakal Nakshatrangal’, he was again there in ‘Pranayam’ and then he did a key role in ‘Grandmaster’. But this time, it’s an equally important role that he is playing with Mohanlal in ‘Kanal’, a film that zooms in on the lives and destinies of two men. Thus Anoop Menon is obviously happy and thrilled; that’s what we get to infer from what he has been posting on his Facebook page. Here’s a look at what all Anoop Menon has posted about ‘Kanal’ and ‘Mohanlal’…

May 3

anoopm“Glad to share with you the news that I will be teaming up with one of the greatest actors to grace the face of earth, our own MOHANLAL in a pivotal role for the film “KANAL” directed by padmakumar..just heard the narration of the script from writer suresh babu and immediately signed the film as I was so excited about it… I feel this mohanlal avatar is one we, his fans, were all waiting to see for a long time…and this will be the first time that I will be doing a full length role with him….loved both our roles ….love to all”.

June 7

anoop1“Shooting for KANAL in ramoji film city….as I go everyday to the location with lalettan he regales me with location stories from films he has done here…udayananu thaaram, shikar, chinatown, unnaipol oruvan etc…it is a welcome change to see the superstar roaming the streets of film city in a cycle with no crowds to infringe his privacy…even as I write this I can see him down the road in his cycle merrily chatting to the gate keeper…”

June 8

anoopv“Vishakh-hyderabad highway…shooting in melting pot environs for KANAL…”

June 9

“The ease with which lalettan does a scene, the rhythm, the symmetry of emotions, the flawless timing and overall his grasp and mastery over the craft…it is simply indomitable… a location snap from hyderabad location of KANAL”

June 10

anoop“Shooting a train sequence for KANAL…with director padmakumar and cameraman Vinod illampally…travel plays an important part in the film as it is the journey of two men through many a terrain…”

All the best, Anoop…and enjoy your ‘Kanal’ days!!!

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