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Bhagyalakshmi Serial in Surya TV


Bhagyalakshmi Serial in Surya TV

Bhagyalakshmi is a Malayalam Serial telecasting on Surya TV. It is directed by Purushothaman and is produced by Subind Kamalasasnan.

Bhagyalakshmi tells the story of two families in a village. These two families are against each other. Both the families have grownup girls of marriageable age. They both have same name “Lakshmi”, although their full names are Lakshmipriya and Lakshmiprabha.

A very interesting turn of event takes place during the search for marriage alliances for both Lakshmi’s and how it changes the life of the brides and all those associated with them. It also has the usual mother-in-law and daughter-in-law recipe or illicit relationships that are the staple of soaps. The show proceeds to unexpected twists and turns.

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