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Karuthamuthu Serial in Asianet TV


Karuthamuthu Serial in Asianet TV

Karuthamuthu is a story of dark skinned Karthika, who has a beautiful heart. Her husband, Dr Balachandran helps her find her identity. Karuthamuthu is a Malayalam family drama on Asianet.

The story moves around Karthika who is a kind hearted girl, with black complexion. She has many inferiority complexes and the story moves about the challenges she faces in her daily routine life. Even though she is dark skinned, she has huge potential within her is shown in the serial.

The serial has received good responses and has attracted similar type of women in the society. The serial is directed with different motive and has reached the viewers to a greater extent. Watch the serial and feel the dark skinned girl’s condition.

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