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Laughing Villa show in Surya TV


Laughing Villa show in Surya TV

Comedy shows are a staple on Indian television, with many of the programs grabbing the prime time spot. The latest to join the bandwagon is ‘Laughing Villa’ on Surya TV, which will have a galaxy of stars coming together on the same floor. The line-up has actors Navya Nair, Manianpilla Raju, Surabhi, Naseer Sankranti and Noby in the lead roles.

The action unfolds in a villa owned by Navya, who appears as herself. While Manianpilla Raju plays her elder brother, Manju Pillai features as his wife. Surabhi is Navya’s personal assistant and Naseer is the caretaker.

The show has four segments. The first segment has a skit with all the characters. Guests enter in the second segment and the third segment has some games featuring them. “The fourth segment is a competition round with different comedy troupes presenting their skits.

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