Armaan Malik shares his experience doing 'Mungaru Male 2'

Armaan Malik shares his experience doing ‘Mungaru Male 2′

Armaan Malik is a singing sensation who has been singing since the age of 10, establishing a special niche for himself in his field. He sings for Bollywood as well. He is now 21.
He shares his experience working for the Kannada movie, ‘Mungaru Male 2′ saying, “It was magical. I remember listening to Anisuthide from ‘Mungaru Male’, sung by my idol Sonu Nigam. To be the voice of such a legendary franchise and sing three songs was special. Sariyaagi, the theme song of the Mungaru Male 2, has got a lot of attention. It is also my favourite song out of the three.”

He further adds that he may act, “I might, but as of now, I am focused on music. I don’t want to disturb how my career is going now. However, I will feature in my music videos. Later, when I am 26-27, I might try my hand at musicals like Aashiqui.”

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