Nishvika Naidu A New Star In Kannada Films

Nishvika Naidu A New Star In Kannada Films

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Nishvika Naidu is the most happening name in Kannada Film Industry. The rising actress was graduated in psychology from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. It all started with filmmaker KM Chaitanya who called Nishvika Naidu for the auditions of his Amma I Love You. The renowned filmmaker was impressed with Nishvika Naidu’s performance and casted her as the female lead actress in Amma I Love You.

 Later in the sets of Amma I Love You, Nishvika Naidu’s acting was appreciated by the whole team and everyone were totally struck with the young actress fluency in speaking Kannada.Accordingly, the talented actress was asked to sign up for other projects as well. Nishvika Naidu who is sincerely winding up her work on the director Guru Deshpande’s Paddehuli, has even impressed him to sign her on for his next production Gentleman.

 This news is being primarily discussed around the circles of Kannada Film Industry, that how come a debutant actress can back such huge impression and stardom with just two films.And in a form of reply to all those who are in shock with the sudden stardom of Nishvika Naidu. The rising actress says that she is just blessed to get huge fame in so early on her career and the actress also admits that it’s her responsibility to carry all the expectations in a right path but not wishing to disappoint anybody with her acting or performances in films. Even many rumors are surrounded that Nishvika Naidu is also getting offers from other Film Industries as well.

 Just leaving a side of luck it all goes to the talent and hardwork the actress is putting on. Hopefully she continuous the same charisma in other Film Industries also.

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