Nostalgia trip: Mungaru Male completes nine years!

Nostalgia trip: Mungaru Male completes nine years!

Mungaru Male, the movie that set golden standards in Sandalwood and smashed all the records at box-office, has completed nine years, today!

After the film, Comedy Time Ganesh turned out to be Golden Star Ganesh and Yograj Bhat- the Golden director. Lead actress Pooja Gandhi (who is credited as Sanjana Gandhi in the film) became the most-sought actress in Sandalwood for the next three years. Mungaru Male gave a freshfacet to veteran actors Ananth Nag and Sudha Belawadi’s and Doodh peda Diganth’s career as well!

The movie also gave new dimension to filmmaking aspects such as cinematography and music. All the songs in the album were hit especially the title track and Anisutide Yako Indu.

The movie completes nine years, yet the memoirs this movie gave to Sandalwood, is immense!

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