Prakash Raj to direct Idolle Ramayana! | Kannada

Prakash Raj to direct Idolle Ramayana!

Mythological stories are the latest trend in town! Baahubali, Baajirao Mastani and now Ramayana! In case if you are wondering who is playing the mythological characters, hold on! We are not even going there! Actor turned director Prakash Raj, who is always up for experimental films, has decided to direct a social satire titled Idolle Ramayana! In Kannada language, Idolle Ramayana is used when a person is tired of convincing somebody!

Looking at the title, we can bet how brilliant the story line will be!

Also, journalist JoGi is a value add-on to the team. He will be assisting Prakash Raj with the script. His books and poems are very popular and his blog gets maximum hits every week!

How will Prakash Raj surprise us? We shall wait and see!

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