Why is Uppi 2 getting delayed?

Why is ‘Uppi 2′ getting delayed?

Upendra’s upcoming directorial Uppi 2 which had gone on floors two years ago is yet to finish its shooting and hit the theatres. The actor, who took up to direction after a gap of 5 years (his last directorial Super was released in the year 2010) is now working hard to try and complete the shoot and bring the movie to theatres before the end of April month. When analyzed as to what took Uppi 2 to get delayed for a long time, though we couldn’t arrive at stern conclusions, here is what the sources had to say. While some say it’s the changes in the script that took such a long time, some have an opinion that music director Gurukiran delayed in composing the tunes for the movie, owing to his previous commitments. Whatever the reasons to be delayed, we just hope the movie hits the theatres on time and lives up to the audience expectations.

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