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Vicky Varun Emerges As A Star In Sandalwood

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Vicky Varun is a young talented actor in the Sandalwood Film Industry. The actor made his entry into Kannada Film Industry as an assistant director to Yogaraj Bhat and Duniya Soori. While Vicky Varun was assisting Duniya Soori, He was offered a brief role in one of his film Kaddipudi.

Later with the proper insistence of his director Duniya Soori Vicky Varun has agreed to star as a lead actor in the film Kendasampige. To everyone’s surprise the debutant film stood as one among the top grossers in Kannada Film Industry. Accordingly, Vicky Varun has made his astound debut and as of now the assistant director turned actor is working full on demand in multiple projects.

But the young actor is being choosy in the process of script selections. Even the actor’s recent flick College Kumar was also a successful project. Holding back to back commercial victories at the box-office the young talented actor is emerging towards massive stardom in Kannada Cinemas. Enjoying the new evolved stardom Vicky Varun has also signed a versatile venture which is being directed by Nagesh and produced by Chandrasekhar. Along with this film the young star actor is busy with Raghu Kanadka’s film as well. Hoping that Vicky Varun will reach great heights in Sandalwood Film Industry.

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