Nataraja Service Movie Review | Kanada Movie Review

Nataraja Service Movie Review

  • Producer : N. S. Rajkumar
  • Staring : Sharan, Mayuri Kyatari
  • Director : Pawan Wadeyar
  • Music Director : Anoop Seelin
  • Cinematography : Arul K. Somasundaram
  • Story : Pawan Wadeyar
  • Screenplay : Pawan Wadeyar

Nataraja, a petty and unsuccessful thief, dreams of the good life. Sahana, whose horoscope has branded her as an ill omen (lathhe), craves for true love. The two end up meeting each other when both are on the run from danger. What happens next has to known by watching the romantic emotional comedy movie.
Anoop Seelin has composed the film’s background score and music for its soundtrack. An opening song of the film is sung by Puneeth Rajkumar and written by Pawan Wadeyar. According to Wadeyar, the song speaks about the “benefits of walking” and has a philosophical message as the theme.
Meanwhile Sharan entertains in his trademark style, trying to ensure his impeccable comic timing salvages some rather tasteless humor at times. Mayuri who has impressed with her two releases thus far, follows it up with another good act with her theatrics and expressions. Both the actors’ chemistry has worked very well.
The story by Pawan seems interesting on paper, but the rather inconsistent pace of the narrative plays the dampener. This film, though, has its moments that entertain the gallery. Sharan’s fans will have a good time watching the movie as the songs have captured their hearts.
Few dialogues are too old and it will make the audience restless. The editing part was looked after by Suresh Arumugam and few scenes are bit lengthy. Arul K. Somasundaram’s camera work is okay and average. Pawan has penned the story, screenplay and the dialogues. His work is not so good. The songs which were made by J Anoop Seelin are a bonus for the viewers, especially P. Ravi Shankar’s dancing act in the already famous Allah Allah track. Watch the romantic and emotional comedy movie this weekend.

Overall, Watch if you have ample time to kill !

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