Ouija (2015) Review | Kannada | Bharath | Urmila Gayathri

Ouija (2015) Review

  • Producer : Vikram Raju
  • Staring : Bharath, Urmila Gayathri, Madhuri Itagi, Kadambari Jethwani
  • Director : Raaj Kumar Reddy
  • Music Director : Hari Nikesh

Following the success of 5-6=2, it’s raining horror films in Sandalwood! Almost every other week, horror genre movies are hitting the screens! But unfortunately, most of these films are invoking laughter than horror! Ouija- a promising horror flick has hit the screens today and from the first day of publicity, the team had promised a spine-chilling entertainer. Have they lived up to our expectations? Read on…

Story :
Three beauties Kshetra (Urmila Gayathri), Krishna (Madhuri Itagi), Niharika (Kadambari Jethwani), working for an MNC in Malaysia are having a gala time. They are enjoying life to their fullest with no regrets; but deep down, they three are looking for an opportunity to explore their passion. During a party, these three meet Bala Raju (Bharath), an aspiring actor. The four realize that they have keen interest in filmmaking and hence decide to come up with a short film. They end up finalizing on a horror script, which deals with Ouija. Ouija is a spirit board, which helps a person converse with sprits. For the shooting, the team collects a couple of Ouija boards among which one turns out to be an original one. While shooting for the film, things go out of hand and Maya (Shraddha Das), a spirit starts haunting them. Will these four be able to fight the spirit? Will they succeed in escaping from the clutches of evil spirit? Watch this thrilling journey on big screen!

Music :
Songs are a visual treat in Ouija! Gayathri, Madhuri and Kadambari will set the scree on fire in Nam Sexy Looksu! All songs have been shot with lot of perfection and the best part is all the songs have been placed excellently at right intervals. Among five songs I am a poison lady, Boom Boom Boom, Nam Sexy looksu are brilliant. Hari Nikesh knows that only sound can invoke fear in people and has shown meticulousness in scoring background score.

What works?
Every small detail has been taken care of by the makers, which actually makes this movie flawless! You can see a brand new Shraddha Das in this film! She will scare you for life, just by lifting her eyebrows! This is one movie that can actually help her move forward in her career. All three beauties Gayathri, Madhuri and Kadambari have competed with each other in terms of glamour as well as performance. Gayathri allures the audience with her charm and acting skills! Bharath in fact sounds dull amongst these three! Ravi Kumar’s cinematography is undoubtedly the best! He makes you wonder about the camera angles he has experimented with! Fast narration will keep you glued to your seats! Take your eyes off for a minute and you have missed a really important scene!

What doesn’t work?
Acting wise, more maturity is expected from the actors, especially in a horror film. The makers could have worked a little extra in achieving the same. Apart from this, the movie will keep you hooked to the film!

This spine-chilling entertainer will certainly scare you! And if you have a week heart, mind you! This movie is definitely not for you! After a very long time, Sandalwood audienceshave something to forward for! This movie is sure to be a prologue for horror films in Kannada.



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