Bullet Basya Music Review

Bullet Basya Music Review

  • Producer : Jayanna Bhogendra
  • Staring : Sharan, Haripriya
  • Director : Jayathirtha
  • Music Director : Arjun Janya

Bullet Basya
The title song of the film, Bullet Basya has a fun catchy tune. It sounds perfect for Sharan’s entrance in the film, cruising the town on his bullet. For the character’s bad attitude and his biker pride, the sound seems perfect. It makes a great entrance song, and the impression would stay for the rest of the film. Arjun Janya’s musical creativity, Raghu Niduvalli’s smart- talk lyrics and of course Tippu’s robust voice in the song would get this a number 1 spot in the album.

Tutthoori Tala
Arjun Janya and Vijay Prakash bring to life lyrics penned by Dr V Nagendra Prasad in this second track. Flirty and fun, the lyrics are appreciable, so is the tune, but it would probably sound monotonous from the second half of the song itself. A good spot in your playlist? We don’t think so.

Kaal KG Kallekayi, a classic Yograj Bhat venture!Right from the first sentence, you’ll be able to figure Bhat’s though process through the song.  Bhat’s lyrics are fun to follow, laugh with and yes, its local and simply fun to sing along! Sharan’s voice definitely comes through and paired with Indu Nagaraj, the song has its fun flirty flare. The tune is quite groovy, this would probably make you break a movie during some points of the song.

Baare Kuntkole
Such a contemporary touch to the lyrics, penned perfectly with the localness of the character in the film. Kaviraj did a great job with this one. The tune would miss a couple of stars, only because Sharan’s previous hits were much catchier. However, Nakash and Anuradha Bhat did a good job bringing some life to the song.

C’mon C’mon
The item song of the film, it would probably make a good beat to stomp your feet to! Lyrics by Dr V Nagendra Prasad, they truly put out the perfect bar scene, describing very nostalgically the very elements of such a party. Perfect for the scene, one would think. As an item song, the song sounds provocative, just right, and Maalati and Chintan set the very same mood!

All in all, this movie has no Open Hairu Bitkondu or Kali quarter tunes. The tracks are quite simple for Sharan’s film. It didn’t quiet hit the spot like his earlier movies. Sharan’s films usually have panache in their title songs. Adhyaksha title song would definitely make you dance, Mini Mini Vajramuni from Raja Raja Rajendra would make your head move, but we think Sharan missed this one!

30.5 mb