Krishna Rukku Audio Review | Kananda | Ajay Rao

Krishna Rukku Audio Review

  • Producer : Uday K Mehtha
  • Staring : Ajay Rao and Amulya
  • Director : Anil Kumar
  • Music Director : Sridhar V Sambhram

While successfully sticking to the ‘Krishna series’ pattern, there are a small variations in Krishna-Rukku’s audio that cannot go unnoticed. Heavier lyrics, deeper meaning and very contemporary music bring out the essence of the movie and the album. With prior experience working with Ajay Rao, Sridhar V Sambhram has captured the genre and theme of the film very effectively. Though there are no songs that might be remembered for long, there certainly are a couple that will be enjoyed crooning along with.

HelillaYaaralluNaanu :
Beginning with cliché love quotes in Hindi, the song may seem off-putting the first few seconds for a Kannada fan. However, as the song progresses, JayathKaikini’s intense lyrics are introduced and voila, it turns a new leaf! All credits to the magic duo that bring romance in the air with just their voices- Sonu Nigam and ShreyaGhoshal. Let’s not forget Sambhram’s brilliant technique in introducing, very strategically, a few seconds of Celtic whim!

Lipstick Olagina :
This is probably an all ‘Krishna’ song. We are for a specific reason (on following all of Ajay’s role as Krishna) sure that Krishna prances, enjoys, smiles his heart out and playfully teases the girl while he whole heartedly falls in love during the song or speaks about it. AnandaPriya’slyrics glorify the actor as an average yet playful and fun guy. With vocals from the stunning PuneethRajkumar and ShwethaPrabhu joining him here, this is a must listen if you’re in the mood for a tacky sing along, daaarrling!

SaakuSaakinu :
Karthik’s masculine and dreamy voice, laden with overflowing emotions and heavy lyrics by director Anil Kumar, the song will want you to replay it again and again. The singer and the lyrics work in in unison to bring out the best out of this song and AnuradhaBhat just adds the cherry on the top with her side of the love story in another solo piece. Emotional yet romantic, the song just might bring a change in atmosphere, perhaps a tear in your eye.

C for Cow :
A signature Ajay Rao piece, tailor made for Krishna, the song glorifies Krishna and Rukku’s love story with this very arbitrarily penned love song. Praises to Sridhar Sambhram for upgrading a traditional ‘Krishna series’ song while sticking to the theme.   ShashankSheshagiri, Sangeetha claim the credit for vocals in this piece.


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