Luv U Alia Audio Review

Luv U Alia Audio Review

  • Producer : Sammy’s magic cinema
  • Staring : Ravichandra, Bhoomika Chawla, Chandan, Srujan Lokesh, Sunny Leone
  • Director : Indrajith Lankesh
  • Music Director : Jessie Gift
  • Cinematography : Santosh Rai Pathaje
  • Story : Janardhana Maharshi

A solo romantic number in the voice of Javed Ali gives a pleasant opening to the album. The chorus between the lines is good. Lyrics are fresh and it’s just a feel-good song.

Kanase Kanninda:
A romantic duet number in the voice of Shreya Ghoshal and Karthik opens with melodious music of violin; fast beats in between is excellent. However quality lyrics would have worked in favour of the team.

Sunny Leone’s another Sandalwood venture! The song is on ‘Kamakshi Sunny Leone’ and is sung by Santosh and Richa Paul; it is a fast beat number and has the names of various hi-end brands in between! The giggling voice between the lines is very irritating; however there is nothing too good about this song! Hope the cinematography and choreography saves the day for audience!

Kunthre Ninthre:
A peppy number by Sunitha in ‘too loud’ and ‘too much’ for the listeners! The song is a remix version of Kuntre Nintre Avande Dyana song from 1985 movie Trishula. The remix version may not be acceptable by many! Listeners also get to hear a ‘part of music’ of Chammak Challo from Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra-One in this song!

Haaradidhe Manasu:
Palak Muchchal’s Haaradidhe Manasu has romantic lyrics but again it’s a fast beat number. Lyrics too are just average. Surprisingly there is not a single melody song in the album, making this just an average album!

31.5 mb