Masterpiece audio review | Yash | Shanvi Srivatsava

Masterpiece audio review

  • Producer : Vijay Kiragandur
  • Staring : Yash, Shanvi Srivastava
  • Director : Manju Mandavya
  • Music Director : V Harikrishna

Rocking star Yash is a Masterpiece; what can you expect from his album? Rock, lyrical tunes, random phrases and good rhythm? Yes, that’s what this album has! Although, it might get a little boring, cutesy, it’s a good one-time listen! Glorifying Yash in more than one song can get a bit boring for the regular listener. What we loved the best was Chikkanna’s involvement in one of the tracks, giving us a glimpse of how beautifully the hero and the funny sidekick will gel onscreen. While we wait for the record-breaking videos paired with audios, the songs are sure to keep you entertained till then.

Annange Love Aagidhe:

Like the title, here is Yash singing his heart out being his chilled out comedic self. Manju Mandavya’s lyrics and Harikrishna’s tunes take shape to this piece with emotions, fun and catchy lyrics. Chikkanna adds his uniqueness and you will probably be waiting to hear his little bit! Somehow, he manages to bring more life to this track!

I can’t wait baby:

Forgettable three minutes, nothing mentionable, but credits to Narthan for creative lyrics. Tippu and Indu Nagaraj on the mic make this dance piece as different as they can.

KD No1:

Seeing a pattern of youthful songs and random lyrics, here is another track in the album that is good for a couple of listens. The song, which probably glorifies the actor and his role in the film, takes a few twists in terms of rhythm, applause for Harikrishna and singers Tippu and Sangeetha Ravindranath.

Jaago re Jaago:

Changing gears from jovial to serious in one direct note, it’s actually an impressive shift! Bringing out his violent side, Ghouse Peer pens lyrics for this track, bringing an energizing yet vengeful tone. Kunal Gajawala’s tough guy act plays along well, with bonus from Harikrishna’s clear knack for riffs. Bringing the emotional side in the song, we loved the addition about the protagonist’s love and loyalty for his mother here and it also speaks volumes about the movie!

Attention Please:

A playful piece, great for dancing and road trips, Narthan surely did think about Yash and his appeal while writing this song. Ranjith, Rahul Manbiar, Naveen Madhav adding to the song’s swag, this song clearly puts Rocking star Yash high on a pedestal, and more- Harikrishna did complete justice to the star’s nickname!

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