Rathaavara Audio Review | Kananda | Sriimurali

Rathaavara Audio Review

  • Producer : Dharmashree Manjunath. N
  • Staring : Sriimurali, Rachita Ram
  • Director : Chandrashekar Bandiyappa
  • Music Director : Dharma Vish

Sriimurali’s Rathavara is already taking the field with a few Ugramm vibes, the music is already on many playlists and for sure, some heads are banging to that uplifting music. As the album sets different moods of the films, each one has its own perks.

Rathavara (Theme):
The angry frown on Sriimurali’s sculpted face in the movie indicates anger-revenge, victory-triumph. Carrying the same in this piece, the song in ways beats Ugramm’s theme, for its playful-joy-victory note. Though Sriimurali carries the same outlook as in Ugramm, the theme of Rathavara is a very catchy, upbeat one. The upbeat percussion and Dharma Vish’s innovative high notes in between makes up for the lack of something as new as the ‘bagpipes’. Trust us, you will have this repeat on till the movie (hopefully) runs a few good weeks.

Nee Muddada:
Lyrics by Kaviraj, beautifully crooned by Rajesh Krishnan and Supriya Lohith, the romantic piece in this album would be rated somewhere in between. The lyrics and music is no doubt above par, yet, there is that certain element of romance that is missing in the song.

Hudugi Kannu:
Let’s start with the lyrics, penned by Yograj Bhat, you can easily expect a perfect sing along, fun to sing and laugh with. Sriimurali surely did a fantastic job giving life to Bhat’s lyrics, and makes it stand on the top in the album. And if it is a Yograj original, bottle and hudugi have to go hand-in-hand!

Mareyada Pustaka:
Probably Rachita Ram’s serenade in the film, scripted by Jayanth Kaikini and rendered by Anuradha Bhat, Dharma Vish’s keen eye to detail through this piece must be lauded. The sweet tones, dreamy rhythm makes this song a good addition for your playlist.

Preethi Ondu:
Prema kavi K Kalyan takes a different turn in this song. Known for rhyming nature with love, the lyricist has emphasized on a deeper meaning of love and its values. The way singer Ravindra Soragavi carries his lyrics and Dharma Vish sets the mood is definitely commendable.

Without a doubt, the theme song beats the rest in our opinion. Dharma Vish really deserves applause for instilling a keen sense of vengeance and triumph in the song. Yogaraj and Sriimurali deserve the second pat for their song Hudugi Kannu, which makes a sweet stand on spot 2. As for the rest, good hear, fun to play, but doubtful that it will keep that ‘repeat’ button jammed!

30.5 mb