Ricky Music Review

Ricky Music Review

  • Staring : Rakshith Shetty, Haripriya
  • Director : Rishab Shetty
  • Music Director : Arjun Janya

Showing his versatility, Arjun Janya showcases his brilliant talent in this album, along with a big contribution from some of the biggest lyricists in the industry.Ricky has already created curiosity with it being a hair-raising kind of film, as described by Sudeep on television recently. The team has brought out a uniqueness even in the soundtrack of the film and has with no doubt, done a brilliant job! Any listener is sure to rank this album really well considering the classical beats, a contemporary touch up and conventional patterns. A brilliant mix up of all the essentials, it’s a well-tuned album that melts the heart and brings a smile!

O Baby: We can’t stop listening to the song! It is evident that K Kalyan is back and he brings it back in style! The sweet lyrics, the flirtatious words and the romantic tunes by Arjun Janya are going to make you want to play it again and again! Tippu, with his typical laid back style of singing and Anuradha Bhat’s sweet voice is just unmatched!

Malage Malage: The movie itself being a work of art, the lyricists have leveled it up with their poetry! Jayanth Kaikini brings magic to this song, and Karthik just enhances it! A romantic piece, it will transform you to a scene! Ankitha Kundur joins Karthik and we cant stop listening to this track!

Jeeva Neenu: Another romantic title, Janya takes credit for the classical music meets ballroom music experience! A brilliantly composed song, Kalyan makes you float with his beautiful lyrics while Rajesh Krishnan makes you smile with the emotion in his voice.

Harusha Taaladhe: Probably the only song that meets the expectations of a typical commercial film, this song was an immediate addition to our playlist! Kaviraj’s flirtarious lyrics, the rap in the middle, that masculinity in Vijay Prakash’s voice.. hmmm!

Yele Mareyali: Taking a serious note here, we assume that this song is revealed in the centre of the movie. Sudeep’s voice takes a life off here and all we can see is  wow. A very strong worded dialogue is paired with Jayanth Kaikini’s intense lyrics. Rendered by Naveen Sajju, it’s a sudden twist in this fantastic album.

30.5 mb