Shivalinga Audio Review | Kannada | Shivrajkumar

Shivalinga Audio Review

  • Producer : K A Suresh
  • Staring : Dr Shivarajkumar, Vedika
  • Director : P Vasu
  • Music Director : V Harikrishna

Joining the ‘horror boom’ in the Kannada film industry is hat trick action hero Shivarajkumar’s Shivalingu. Bringing life to this genre after almost three decades, Shivarajkumar has a lot at stake here. With first views coming from the audio, the album does not have much of an outlook of a horror film; yet, some of the tracks, crooned by the industry’s best make this album a worthy extension on your playlist.

Betegaara :
Bond meets horror- Shivarajkumar action meets … we’ll find out! Harikrishna’s beats and Nagendra Prasad’s lyrics in unison bring out a very action-horror vibe to this otherwise contemporary song. Ramya NSK adds to the contemporary-ness to this track with her very chic voice. Opening to this song, the film picks on an interesting note, sure to leave the audience eager for more.

Do Something :
Alocal take on Tata Young’s 00’s super hit, Do something is a playful track, probably sporting Shivanna as a younger lead. Harikrishna’s attempt to add something international to an otherwise catching up popular sing along song is quite brilliant. And as usual, Tippu, who has made his mark singing such playful songs, will not disappoint! Joining him crooning the heroine’s lyrics is Megha.

Upakaara :
Adding to Harikrishna’s simple yet addicting music is voices beautifully rendered by Javed Ali and Archana Ravi. Probably one of the best in this album, this track has every possible chance of being the most heard as well. A perfect ‘falling-in-love’ song, lyricist Nagendra Prasad deserves a pat on his back as well!

Bombe :
The first thing you experience when you hear this track is joy! Karthik, back with his robust and deliciously melodious voice, has done a tremendous job on this project. Mixed with a few auto-tuned/electronic beats here and there, the track together, holds as a perfect candidate for any playlist! Joining Karthik is VaniHarikrishna rendering the female protagonist’s audio.

YetharaYethara :
Expecting to see Shivanna sporting his dancing shoes for this track, Harikrishna’s best talent for dance hits, Vijaypraksh’s attitude while rendering local lyrics for the same are like a match made in heaven! Taking a deviation from the easy listening tracks in the album, this track will surely enjoyed by one and all!


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