Style King Music Review

Style King Music Review

  • Staring : Ganesh, Remya Nambeesan
  • Director : PC Shekar
  • Music Director : Arjun Janya

Golden Star Ganesh, who takes a new title of a Style King, has music that matches every letter of his title. Music director Arjun Janya’s experiment with jazz, electronic, classical and a little bit of rock all in one piece, makes this album an appreciable one. A different beat for Ganesh as well, the album gives little focus to the heroine but focuses greatly on the lead’s style and swag, much like the title demands! There are some songs in the album which are surely worth adding to a playlist, thanks to Janya’s creative rhythm!

Aka Le Sukumari- A typical Ganesh song, tailor made for the golden star for when he falls in love and prances on the picturesque green hills, this is a jazzy and soothing number. Crooned by Rajesh Krishnan and Archana Ravi, the poetic lyrics are penned by Kaviraj.

Nanage Nanage- A different take on hip pop, this beautiful song has a lustrous sheen, thanks to Karthik and Anuradha Bhat. A melodious piece with a beat that will make you tap you feet and croon long, this is a song that will keep the repeat button hung! Kudos to Arjun Janya for this one!

Gangu Gangu- Another piece with a classical remix to a contemporary song, this is a great piece for a road trip or just to dance around! Chandan Shetty’s fun and contemporary lyrics take shapes with Janya’s creative music and the voices of Chetan Naik and Indy Nagaraj.

Stylo Stylo- A different rhythm for Ganesh, Tippu renders his voice for V Nagendra Prasad’s lyrics. Although the song has a very different beat that we are not very used to see Ganesh in, Janya has very strategically incorporated some tunes that blend with the golden star’s swag.

Dhaga Dhaga- A very unique introduction to the Kannada music genre, Chandan Shetty scripts Ganesh’s style in the movie while Janya himself renders his voice for the piece. A very hip and trending beat with guitar solos, fast beats and a little twist of electronic in the middle, this song could pump you up any time of the day!

Theme- Arjun Janya has definitely outdone himself with this track! Bringing out many essences and facades of Ganesh in the film, the different tunes are sewn in together very creatively. Expecting a lot of swag and giving clear hints of glorifying Ganesh in the film, the minute long song is simply brilliant!

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