Uppi-2 Music Review

Uppi-2 Music Review

  • Producer : Priyanka Upendra
  • Staring : Upendra,Kristina Akheeva, Parul Yadav
  • Director : Upendra
  • Music Director : Gurukiran

Beku Beku Beku anno:
A deeply philosophical song begins with some raunchy beats and speaks about being selfish and selfless. Though the music, in no way coincides with lyrics, the peppy beats and deep-thinking lyrics are very entertaining. Gurukiran has crooned for this song.

No Excuse Me please:
Well, this cannot be considered as a song parse! This is more of a ‘different style dialogue narration’ song; Uppi takes over the song with some entertaining lyrics, where he explains that time is everything and after every paragraph he repeats ‘No excuse me please!’ This song has already stirred controversy in Sandalwood!

Ivan Yaro different:
A fast beat number in the voice of Chaitra and Nithin Rajram Shastry is not a very interesting song. The conversation in between is actually out of context in an audio CD! Hope the filming saves the day for this song!

Uppittu Uppittu:
The title track in the voice of Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar is also a fast beat number. Song takes off really well, until the ‘actual lyrics’ begin! The song initially talks about ‘uppittu’ (Rava Upma) dish. But later, in the second paragraph, the actualmeaning of the lyrics is revealed! The song talks about remake movies and hints that Uppi-2 is purely original. Well, this is Uppi’s way of answering the plagiarism allegations we believe! The ‘tappangucchi beats’ at the end of the song might fetch lot of whistles in theatres!

Yochne madbeda:
Vijay Prakash’s high-energy song is actually disappointing; lyrics too are very mediocre. The song suggests ‘not to worry no matter what’. The repetitive usage of the word ‘Uppittu or Uppi-2’ in almost every song in the album is annoying at places.

Beku Beku anno (reprise):
The reprise version of the first song is much better than the actual song. The music here is actually pleasing, appealing, entertaining and goes very well with the lyrics.

Over all, a very average album from Uppi and Gurukiran combo and has highly-disappointed the fans who were waiting from almost two years for the album.

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