Sun TV reveals two new family shows on Udaya TV


Sun TV reveals two new family shows on Udaya TV

Sundari the journey of a 16 year old girl whose family is settled in a foothill village of Western Ghats, besides the serene Sharavathi River. Studying in high school, Sundari has a friend called Naveen since childhood and this story narrates the life of these two. How a small incident in her teenage life impacts her life forever is the story of Sundari.

Aramane is the story of an estranged couple and how their children try to inadvertently bring them together. Sanjay Pradhan is a Superstar celebrity living with one of his daughters who wants her father to get married to someone as she yearns for a caring mother. She is made to believe that her mother is not alive, which is untrue.

Meanwhile Sanjay’s wife Yamuna is leading a reticent life in a small village with her other daughter Smitha who wants to re unite her mother with the father. But she does not know who her father is. Why Yamuna left her husband and if the couple will ever re-unite are just some of the many intriguing parts of the story to unfold.

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