Akkineni Akhil Faces Budget Constraints

Akkineni Akhil Faces Budget Constraints



Akhil akkineni known for his charming looks. Even before the actor’s launch film the akkineni actor was treated as the future star in tollywood. All those expectations of akkineni fans and movie lovers anticipated that akhil would be a new sensation in Tollywood.

But putting an end point to akhil’s huge stardom at the very first phase of his Career. The actor has to face continuous flops and his market was declined. So now for akhil’s upcoming flick titled mr.majnu is facing huge distribution issues has the makers are demanding huge amount for rights and so none of the distributors are interested in taking part of distribution considering akhil’s back to back disasters.

So this would affect the actor’s future films also as the makers have to face budget constraints for akhil’s low market. So it’s all upon to akhil’s mr.majnu where the actor needs to score a sure shot blockbuster to regain the old hype and stardom which he had enjoyed it during his launch film.

Moreover, akkineni akhil is always interested to work with the star directors but before his wish the actor need to work out to regain his market and later to emerge as a star then when he would attain the stage to work with the star directors as he wished to do.



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