All Perfect In Devadas |Nani |Nagarjuna

All Perfect In Devadas



Devadas is one of the craziest awaited films to be watched out for. The most versatile multi starrer combination of nagarjuna and nani has set the stage on fire. The teaser has been released recently were nagarjuna portraying the role of Deva and nani in and as Das is just ultimately mesmerizing.


The teaser is all bout Das(nani) is sitting beside Deva(nagarjuna) and deva would be ready with all things to have his peg but suddenly das would place his glass and asks one peg for him. Then deva would pour a peg for das and turns back asking whether he prefers water or soda and in mean while das finishes the raw. Considering das, deva would pour him a second peg and the same happens again. At the end deva would ask das that what’s happening with him.


Nani and nagarjuna stole the show. Nagarjuna who had all the lines in the teaser nailed it with his dialogue delivery and nani just killed it with his amusing expressions. The cinematography in the film is also superb to watch comparably mani sharma’s music has made the magic once again. The teaser on the whole is fantastic and the team of devadas has been successful in raising the expectations on the film to heights.


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