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Comedian Priyadarshi Turns Hero In A Biopic

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Priyadarshi Pullikonda is one among the proud young talent of Telugu Cinema. The star comedian has started his journey with short films, Later made his debut with the film Terror starring Actor Srikanth in the lead role. Then his Kowshik character in the film Pelli Choopulu has raised him towards overnight stardom. From then Priyadarshi was roped in for many films. He essayed supporting roles in the films like: Spyder, Jai Lava Kusa, Tholi Prema and many more films which mark his presence on screen.

Accordingly, the star comedian is on a successful ride holding himself very busy acting in multiple films. Even now for his natural performance and pure essence in the dialogue delivery which makes his acting connected to the audience very well. The Rising Supporting Actor is also gearing up to play the title role in a inspiring Biopic. It’s all about Chintakindi Mallesham.

He is the man who has invented Asu Machine that processes silk yarn. Even Chintakindi Mallesham was also honoured with Padma Shri for his great invention. This film is also being helmed by a debutant director and the makers have decided the working title has Mallesham. Hoping that Mallesham would come out as Tollywood’s own Pad Man. So the inspiring journey of Chintakindi Mallesham will be soon rolled onto floors. The most interesting feature is that the rights of this film are pre-owned by Suresh Productions and the chief Suresh Babu will be leading the productional aspects regarding the film. Believing that Priyadarshi Pullikonda can aptly sooth the role of Chintakindi Mallesham.

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