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Hebha Patel Turning Sensational

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          Hebha patel made a decent debut with ala ela in 2014. And raised to stardom with kumari 21f where she portrayed a strong character.            Later many offers followed her way and unfortunately nothing could fall on her plate to place her in the next top league actress. The actress unconventional acting and her dialogue delivery stood as her own obstacles. And to admit that she didn’t get any powerful roles that have much scope to perform. The most roles she got of just a glamour doll to play.

         Hebha patel even doesn’t maintain any considerable points for her character to be like. She just prefers the figure of her remunerations. But never expressed herself to try something new and neither she got any opportunity to express something new. And slowly her career lost limelight and started seeing the dark phase But hebha patel suddenly came out with a bold content film titled 24 kisses. The actress never announced that she is a part of such film. And it’s like a mini shock and surprise to hebha patel fans.

  Recently the trailer of 24 kisses was out and hebha patel has played a bold character in the film unlike never before increasing her glamour dose to extreme levels. The actress is now a sensational and many our discussing that why did hebha patel has done such a role and lack of opportunities could be the reason. Anywhere’s hebha has to respond regarding her film 24 kisses and her fans are eagerly waiting what hebha patel would speak about the film and her role.




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