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Jagapathi Babu’s Biopic In A Webseries Format

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Jagapathi babu a well known versatile actor in telugu film industry. The senior actor is the son of a veteran filmmaker of tollywood, Late shri. V B rajendra prasad garu who delivered many industry hit films like dasara bullodu and many more. Even though his father is an accomplished filmmaker in the industry jagapathi babu never used his fame of his father at the starting phase of his career and faced many troubles to grab opportunities as an actor but jagapathi proved himself with all his hard work and passion towards acting and he slowly raised to the league of star actors. And that stardom was not for a longer time, The actor has lost his fame has an actor with continuous flops and was unable to deliver the films which could find audience pulse right.

So slowly jagapathi babu has lost his limelight has an actor and at the the crucial time of his life the actor has got a big break with the film legend under the directorial of boyapati srinu which explored the mass villain in jagapathi babu and his role in legend gave jagapathi babu a   re-birth to his acting career and now this versatile actor is completely busy with film offers all over the south.

The actor has seen highs and lows in his life. His true life story could be a great biopic as because the actor was even blamed to maintain illegal relationships also. And even presenting all the elements of this senior actors life could be a perfect biopic to deal within. Even his journey teaches the lessons of being responsible in life is very important. And his biopic is titled has samudram which would be telecasted in a well known tv channel as jagapathi babu’s biopic is in form of a web series but not for a theatrical release.

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